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There’s no question that the legal system in place to deal with sexual assault is deeply flawed. Ghomeshi was a textbook lesson in how not to navigate that system.

But it’s also the only system able to provide the justice the three women sought when they went to police with their allegations. It revealed how complainants can squander what power they do have; the three complainants did not appear to understand—or else chose to flout—the courts’ most elemental rules.

It’s mostly the guy’s job to do the planning and spending. No offense / exclusion intended.) And if he plans well enough, and racks up the credit card debt, he is rewarded with fornication.

Let’s break this stupid day down: If all goes perfect then congratulations, you just bought yourself lip service with a Hugh Grant-sized price tag on it.

Dressed in a conservative blue suit and striped tie, Black, a well-fed man with an imposing presence, answered questions for an hour, reaching just once for a sip of water.

And while it was easy to mistake his expression for a scowl, because the corners of his mouth turn down and his eyes can narrow into an angry-looking squint, the right-wing press baron was clearly enjoying the discussion of his unlikely hero.

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Fiscal irresponsibility to buy hope of “something extra” in the bedroom = romance. Perhaps that fornication comes with a bonus, but don’t neglect the usual courtesies, or you can forget about that ever happening again, even if it’s Valentine’s Day in Venice with an asteroid hurtling towards earth spelling doom for all.

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Le 21 octobre 2010 la chaine NRJ 12 lui consacre une édition du magazine Tellement vrai où les professionnels du X français la considèrent comme le meilleur espoir hexagonal de l'industrie pornographique.

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