Dynamic distribution group not updating

What if your group always up to date based on certain properties of the user account, yes this is called dynamic office 365 groups.

The group membership of the most of the groups we use in day to day basis always depends on some of the user properties like department, city, office-location, country, manager, job title, etc., These are the strong candidates to fit in the Dynamic Office 365 Groups.

Tony Redmond has shared his thought about the big cost on dynamic distribution group here.

Type the name of the distribution group in the search field. Right-click on the group and choose Add to Contacts List. Groups look a little differently than local contact lists.

“Recently the Office of Attorney General’s Human Resources (HR) Section needed to send sexual harassment information to different groups within the organization.

It was critical that customized packages be distributed to various groups as they required different levels of detail.

For the other supported versions, change the version number in the registry path.

As with moderated groups, users will be able to open the distribution group and view the members but will not be able to expand the list to bypass list controls.

Factors such as group nesting, hidden groups, authorized senders, etc., kept my wheels turning for several weeks before I finally settled on this process: .However, if you list the properties of the group in the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) you will not find the members as they are determined at the run time by the custom filter used when the group was created.Active Directory Groups are as dynamic as their members: they need to change as users switch responsibilities, roles and locations.Although online users can see the group, be a member of it, and send email to it, membership of an on-premises group can only be edited using on-premises tools like ADUC, EAC, or EMC.►On-premises dynamic distribution groups aren’t even visible to online mailboxes.

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