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In 2013, an estimated 2.1 million people became newly infected with HIV These three public health priorities require a decisive response using all available tools, with condoms playing a central role.

Male and female condoms are the only devices that both reduce the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and prevent unintended pregnancy.

However, neuroscientists who have studied porn do not see similarities between so-called porn addicts and those addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Speaking to the BBC, Nicole Prause, a former UCLA researcher, said that porn addiction is similar to others right until the point that it isn’t anymore: “In other addictions such as gambling, when you see a cue, for people who have a problem, the brain is more responsive.

Recent years have seen major scientific advances in other areas of HIV prevention.The IQ levels are 20 points below that of controls, and verbal IQ is lowest. In adults, premature ovarian failure seems to be more prevalent than in controls.The girls struggle with low self-esteem and they need psychological, behavioural and educational support. MRIs of the brain seem to show decreased brain volumes.The consumption of pornography can be safe and legal, but all child abuse imagery is illegally and must be reported.[Pixabay] According to Google’s Double Click Ad Planner, one of the largest porn sites in the world receives 4.4bn page views a month by 350 million unique visitors, three times the page views of CNN or ESPN.

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[Pixabay] Furthermore, 70% of the aggression caught on camera is performed by men, and 94% of the time their behaviour is directed towards women.

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