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Sincerely, Deb Kozak and Andru Mc Cracken Chair and Vice Chair - AKBLG Regional Collaboration Committee Display.aspx?

I don't have much of a preference in music but I do love: Within Temptation Nightwish Emilie Autumn Linkin Park and a few others. I play recreational, and some of my favorites are: -Assassin's Creed (Brotherhood was my favorite title, and I have not played the newest one) -The Tales of Series (Xillia 2 and Symphonia are my absolute favorites) -Skyrim -Pokemon and a bunch others.

I am curious about the BDSM lifestyle and identify as a submissive, but haven't practiced before. Although I enjoy being outside in nature and dancing and going out, I also love to curl up in front of a roaring fire with someone and read a book or talk until morning.

I enjoy writing and plan on being published one day. I am single, self employed, Native American Chippewa, own my home, live in a small community(love living here, but like to explore the cities). Is this the part where I'm suppose to say, "I'm an aries, I enjoy romantic comedies and long walks on the beach."??? i love being outdoors during the summer and just in general.

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