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After living in Thailand for a year or so you come across many different types of expats, which one do you fall under?

The school teacher is the easiest type of expat to spot, found mostly on the BTS or MRT, wearing a badly fitted shirt a few sizes too big for them, huge sweat patch on their back and black trousers a few inches too short showing their white socks.

I used to joke with my married best friend here in Chiang Mai about dating. A lot of them are actually no sexpats who would enjoy spending time with caucasian gal. So there you have it.” [SIC] [SIC] [SIC] of communication before the ask. Tinder, as most of you may know, is basically an App that lets you pick and choose potential “dates” based pretty much entirely on appearance and a super brief description. And, in the not nice terms, it is largely used for people to go and have random sex and meet a suitable match. They stay put, and — joy of joys — they to date a western woman.

Wouldn’t it be great to write an anonymous blog about dating in Thailand as a western woman? That’s when she uttered this gem of a title: “You’re fucked. Never really hard from anyone that thai people would talking like that. Then, there are the ones from somewhere far away, largely from India, that tell me they would like to get to know me better. Of course, the men I meet on Tinder here are in town for a quick jaunt mostly, and either the convo goes downhill quickly or I lose interest and have no desire to take a night off from the gym or my quiet days to go and have conversation with a passerby. I was the one passing through, I held the intrigue and for the first time, guys were messaging me and asking me out, versus just engaging in mundane conversation of “how long you in town? But, even those men living in Europe seemed to only want one thing: sex.

Maybe cut down a little on that ‘I am a writer and I am living my dream in thailand” crap and write some interesting stuff about ya. Well anyway, I just came here because the pictures were cute. After deciding that I don’t really give a shit knowing what men are looking for here because I see the men here and they are not men I want to date … I decided to move on over to the dark side: Tinder.

I didn’t even narrow it down to any deal breakers or anything.

"When I first interviewed for a job in Asia, my boss asked whether I was expecting to date," says Jennifer, a teacher who worked in China for four years. Let me tell you this — 5,000 miles between a potential match kind of opens one up to being more up front. There were about 10 results for Chiang Mai within my age group. The only downside was we never got to meet when I was in Europe, which meant the conversation continued with 5,000 miles between us. As someone who would like to end up with someone of my own religious upbringing, although I am not really practicing, my best friend suggested I check out JDate. Which kind of made me scratch my head a little, because really? Similar to the expat dating sites, is definitely not utilized by many foreigners here looking for a western girlfriend. ) Top Jobs for Expats (Discover every option available) TTL Expat Job Board (#1 expat job board in Thailand) Fastest Visa Run (It doesn't get much easier than this) How to Extend Your Non ‘O' Visa By 60 Days (Turn a 3-month stay into 5) How to Get a Visa for Your Thai Partner (Based on UK visas but helpful for all) How to Get Married in Thailand (Step-by-Step one-day guide) A 14-Step Guide to a the Traditional Thai Wedding (All you need to know in 5 minutes) Best Dating Site in Thailand: Casual/Serious (Impartial comparison of the 6 best dating sites) Sin Sod – The Thai Marriage Dowry (A contentious issue) Send Money to Thailand & Avoid Nasty Bank Fees (Save over each time) How to Get a Thai Bank Account (You'll need one of these) The Cost of Living in Thailand (Baht-by-Baht breakdown on current living costs) How to Get Reliable Expat Life Insurance (Essential if you have a wife/kids) How to Start a Business (Do it right) Paying Tax in Thailand (Know the law) How to Protect Your Online Privacy (Learn the law & how to stay safe) How to Watch Premier League Football/Sporting Events (Free) How to Get a Thai Driving License (Practical & Theory) 35 Best Co-Working Spaces in Bangkok (Catch up your blogging & emails) How to Avoid Being a Victim of Crime (10 Top Tips) 10 Things You Didn't Know About Thai Culture (The everyday & the strange) Learn How to Wai, Who to Wai, When to Wai!(You'll thank me for this) Tipping Etiquette: When to Tip, Who to Tip & How Much Find Out What's Behind a Thai Smile (All 13 of Them!

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They live the dream by partying when they want, dropping stacks like it aint chit change and doing what ever it is they want.

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