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It is quite often coupled with dhcp to provide dynamic network services that have hostnames follow the appropriate machines around. To do it securely, you need to first create a secret key. For every zone you want to allow dynamic updates (for this specific key), you need to add an That's all we have to do.This secret key will be used to authenticate our dns update clients with the dns server. Create the key as such: No, that is not the key I use. Restart named and you should be able to push updates dynamically to the dns server.

RHEL5.6, bind-9.3.6, and dhcp-3.0.5 So, after I fixed my problem with getting DHCP to parse the MAC addresses for these virtual machines, now I need to figure out how to get it to update DNS when one of those virtual hosts is up and active.

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This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge depending on the operating system and available packages, but it’s really quite easy on Ubuntu.

The following guide describes what I did to get BIND9 and DHCP3-server installed, configured, and running on an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS system.

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