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Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads. I've become a victim of the Chlo F/W 08.09 soundtrack.. it's always a tragic end for albums I tend to abuse like that.. I need to get to the rest of the album very soon before I kill the charm of my first impression by putting that particular song on repeat for hours, and more hours.

She looks tired yet strikingly serene as she prepares to do one of the things she has been doing all last year – talk, about herself and her record.

Pros: Has literally been missing in action for the past several years. A.: 3 to 1 Santogold Exciting, easily parrotable backstory? Born in Philadelphia, Santogold (née Sandi White) fronted punk bands and studied hand drumming at Wesleyan University.

Dont know much about her (apart from she guested on mark ronson's version lp) of her style,but this video is sooo freakin stylish..check it out,not sure if I love her voice or the song but the video is awesome .I believe in Santogold the other day but have admittedly only made it as far as L. I first heard of Santogold last May, at my student fashion show someone used her song "The Creator".....

Much of this is because of the contributions from Hill, who adds plenty of guitars and warm keyboards, encouraging White to fill out the songs, the verses, and the hooks, with her rich Gwen Stefani-meets-Janelle Monáe voice. Artistes" sounds like a fuller, brighter Tegan and Sara song; and "My Superman" is the urban 21st century's version of a sultry jazz standard. A.'s Kala, shows off his impressive beat-making skills on "Creator," which features White doing the singsongy rap that has helped make Maya Arulpragasam so popular ("Me, I'm a creator, thrill is to make it up/The rules I break got me a place up on the radar"), and the Diplo-helmed "Unstoppable" marries dub and Hollertronix electronica nicely. Instead, the album is informed by pop and good humor, the importance of melody and structure never overshadowed by rhythm and dancefloor-worthiness.

The debut full-length, however, shows Santogold to be a unique group, one that pulls equally from dub, pop-punk, hip-hop, electro, and rock without succumbing to the archetypes of any.

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