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She provides pointers on what to think about as you weigh up whether you should sell property and cash in long-term savings.

EDINBURGH — Financial emigration is a complex business, with many unexpected costs as you sever the ties with South Africa.

Many people don’t officially emigrate, finding it easier to slowly liquidate assets and shift funds offshore. Expect to pay anything from R15 000 to R50 000 to have your portfolio assessed and smart plans put into place to liquidate investments.

In this article, Johannesburg-based independent financial adviser Dawn Ridler generously shares her expertise.

Zeman, whose statements have fallen foul of the Czech cabinet of ministers numerous times, met with Putin in Beijing amid a swarm of members of the press.

The Czech president turned to Putin, whose country has a notorious reputation for persecution and suspicious deaths of the free press, asking if they should “liquidate” any of the journalists as there are too many.

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